Chair of Statistics and Econometrics

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Chair of Statistics and Econometrics

At the chair of statistics and econometrics, we study and develop statistical methods for answering important economic questions.

Our research focuses on microeconometric methods, i.e. on tools for the analysis of individual-level data. For instance, we work on data analysis when variables are measured with error, inference for rankings, identification of causal policy effects, nonparametric estimation and inference for treatment effects, and randomization inference. A more detailed description of our research projects can be found on the research page.

In teaching, we provide the entire sequence of courses for the econometrics specialization of the MSc in Statistics. We teach a modern econometrics curriculum that includes theoretical foundations, recent insights from econometrics research, and modern methods for the analysis of high-dimensional (“big”) data. All courses explore the usefulness of the various statistical methods for answering important economic questions. More details can be found on our teaching page.


Munich Econometrics Seminar

Mondays 11:00 - 12:00, full schedule

Munich Econometrics Workshop

6-7 July 2023, more info

Open Positions

Research Assistant

We are looking to hire research assistants, so if you’re interested in working with us on exciting research projects, please contact Daniel Wilhelm

Doctoral Position in Econometrics

We are looking to hire a highly motivated individual with a strong background in mathematics, probability and statistics for a doctoral position in econometrics. For more information about the position and how to apply, visit LMU Job-Portal site.